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7 apps that make
Jira mobile-friendly

This is a guest post by Deviniti – your guide to the universe of digital transformation and enterprise software. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Enterprise and a Platinum Marketplace Partner, they’ve helped improve Jira’s user experience and add useful functionalities for over 2500 business teams around the globe. Apart from providing expert services and developing over 20  apps on the Atlassian Marketplace, they’re also sharing knowledge on the subject with useful tutorials and guides.

The digital solutions market has experienced a revolution of its own in recent years. One of the most important changes was the transfer of most of the traffic generated on the Internet from stationary to mobile devices. This is due to the easy availability and universality of mobile devices: nowadays having a smartphone is as normal and obvious as having a Casio watch in the 90s. In addition, thanks to mobile devices, we can always have access to all relevant information and stay in touch with customers and colleagues. This trend was also noticed by Atlassian, which resulted in the creation at first Cloud mobile app for Jira and Confluence, and then the mobile category on the Marketplace. By creating apps for Jira and other Atlassian products, Marketplace vendors take into account their availability and compatibility with all devices and mobile operating systems. Nowadays, most popular apps already have a version dedicated to mobile devices. We present a list of applications that, in our opinion, will facilitate the use of mobile Jira the most.

Context Issues for Jira

Context Issues for Jira makes it extremely easy to search for similar issues in the Issue View. This solution is especially helpful for support teams, project managers, and Jira admins as it makes it easier to get more background on tickets in no time. This far-reaching, and intuitive app allows both type of searches – simple and even more advanced using JQL queries, thanks to which the user gains valuable information straightaway and much faster than even before without losing the issue context, switching between tabs in the browser, and waiting for the Issue Navigator to load.

Moreover, you can quickly access the data you need anytime and anywhere, as Context Issues for Jira is compatible with Jira Mobile.

Source: Atlassian Marketplace

Mobile for Jira

This plugin facilitates the use of Jira on mobile devices and collaboration with a team from anywhere in the world at any time. It allows for comprehensive task management – from creation, through editing, to status change. Thanks to this solution, the user has the ability to quickly view all tasks, add attachments, prioritize tasks, accept ready ones, log working time, or add comments. Thanks to integration possibilities, you can also send notifications via e-mail or other tools, for example Whatsapp or Hangouts. In addition, comprehensive filters make it easier to search for tasks in projects, and push notifications will keep the user informed about all changes and updates. The application is designed in accordance with the native UI of iOS and Android systems, making its use extremely simple and intuitive. The application was created with Kanban boards and Scrum methodology in mind and can also work with Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Management.

Source: Atlassian Marketplace

Jiva: Voice Assistant for Jira

Using Jiva Manager requires downloading Google Assistant first. Then the user can simply talk to Jiva and reach the new standard of work. Thanks to this app, you can create issues and get reports, using only the power of your voice. Just provide your Jiva assistant with necessary data, such as summary, project, issue type, detailed description and assignee, and voila – the issue has been created successfully. The user can also get reports about new or closed issues per last 24 hours, last week, or month. This solution works for both iOS and Android platforms.

Source: Atlassian Marketplace

Telegram Integration For Jira

Integration is one of the key features, when it comes to mobile devices. Thanks to Telegram Integration For Jira, you will be able to manage the communication, for example to create chats for projects or issues. Moreover, you can post chat messages directly in the comments under the specified issue. You can also create telegram chat straight from Jira view, create group chats for your team, and manage chat participants or set admin restrictions. The Telegram bot will notify you about current issue status and possible changes. It will also help your team to communicate with people, who are not familiar with Jira.


Source: Atlassian Marketplace

Grape-Chat Connector for Jira

Grape-Chat Connector is another integration that connects your Jira with Grape Chat. It allows you to share information with your workmates via the chat-sidebar to achieve the real-time collaboration. There is also a possibility to open the chat sidebar directly from the Jira issue. Moreover, you can access a conversation about a Jira issue in a regular Grape chat, no matter which device is being used. To make sure that all of the important information will be still visible and easy to find in the history, you can pin the most important messages to the Jira issue as comments.

Source: Atlassian Marketplace

Branded Mobile for Jira

This professionally customized application will allow you to use Jira compatible with your company’s brand visualization. Thanks to that app, the user can achieve both – stay mobile and successfully comprehensively manage the handling of all tasks, create tickets, assign to responsible persons, accept finished tasks, set priorities and add comments. The application was created in the spirit of the Agile methodology, therefore its additional functions are also notifications about updates, access to all Jira screens and possibility of using an extensive search engine with a filter system.

Source: Atlassian Marketplace

Theme Extension for Jira Service Management

Theme Extension for Jira Service Management extends the default customization functions of the Atlassian ITSM tool. The user can independently customize Jira Service Management so that it is coherent with the company’s branding. There are two themes to choose from: List Theme and Card Theme, thanks to which handling tickets will be much easier, and the Help Desk itself will be more transparent and intuitive. Theme Extension allows you to craft a one-of-a-kind customer support experience that leaves a lasting impression. This app works also with mobile devices.

Source: Atlassian Marketplace

The future is mobile

Mobile applications are the future and a very important part of the digital transformation of the business world. Thanks to them, we can work from any place in the world and we can stay in touch with our colleagues and clients. The mobile market is constantly developing, newer solutions are being developed, and the only limitation is the budget and our imagination. However, you should not go crazy when choosing a mobile application for your team. First of all, we should match the mobile app with the real needs and natural style of work. Only in this way will we actually facilitate the work and increase the team’s efficiency. See more apps that help you work with Jira on mobile.