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Five features make AMJ
Attachments Manager for Jira
the ultimate toolbox
to manage Jira’s attachments

Attachments were once an innovative feature and an advantageous trait that allowed for rapid sharing and exchange of knowledge. However, they also quickly became cumbersome. If your organization is managing work via attachments, for sure you understand the headaches. Long story short, managing attachments could be a hassle without having the right tool. Jira Software is well-known as the ultimate tracking solution for incident control and project management. Yet the usage of Jira is not limited to software development. Currently, many businesses customize and adjust it for their actual cooperation and production requirements. Jira Software has become a useful collaboration tool for multiple teams and departments where everyone can get quick access to the required issues and find out the required information.

Extend Jira usability using AMJ – Attachments Manager for Jira

A wide array of Jira Applications are developed, and many enterprises rely on it to get the max out of Jira Software as project management and task management tool. And here comes AMJ – Attachments Manager for Jira which extends JIRA’s usability to the maximum and makes Jira the ultimate tool for any file aggregation and document management. AMJ – Attachments Manager for Jira is considered the ultimate toolbox to manage Jira’s attachments. Users can search, categorize, extract, import, backup and flexibly migrate all Jira attachments. AMJ makes it easy for clients with multiple and complicated workflows to turn to Jira for better and smooth management flexibly. AMJ – Attachments Manager for Jira has been developed to be a convenient time-saver and flexible tool to manage Jira attachments. Let’s dive into details and discover what features does the AMJ application offer?

1- Categorize and Version your attachments 

Categorize your attachments per project and issue type. AMJ has an administration section into the project administrator can set up specific categories for easy retrieval and management. Categories are special sections for saving the attached files for more comfortable navigation among files. AMJ comes with a version tracking mechanism that makes it easy to detect the newly uploaded files and the prior versions. For each attachment loaded, you can upload a new revision. All versions are stored in one place for easy retrieval. You can always check the needed attachment and view other loaded version and download the required version at once. 

2- Fine-tune search

Want to locate a specific attachment among stuffed tickets and attachments? Don’t waste time manually searching in Jira for a particular attachment. Instead, use the AMJ search feature to quickly and effortlessly track down what you’re looking after. Search for any attachment criteria, name, size, category, uploaded by using our AMJ JQL and download the issues attachment form the issue navigator.  

3- Extract specific attachments 

AMJ makes it easy to extract all attachments from issue results in Jira Issue Navigator. Users can also extract specific attachments from issue results in Jira Issue Navigator depending on Categories, Attachment type, and size.

4- Extract, download and import all your attachments

AMJ will make it easy for Jira users to extract all attachments, download them locally or even import them to a new Jira instance. You can save these attachments directly to your computer where you can find it again in a natural way.  

5- Limit the size and number of attachments per project

You can limit the size and number of the attachment by going to the manage add ons section. Search for JAM at the bottom left and click on “Attachment configuration” where you can select the project that you wish to imply the restriction on and set the max number of attachments and max number of attachment size per Mb.