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How to Make WFH Accessible
and Productive A Case Study
from Infosysta Team

Never before has there been such a global effort to work from home as we see now during the Coronavirus pandemic. We conducted an open discussion with Mr Ayman Mohsin, country manager at Infosysta. He explored the best practices that Infosysta adopt and how to get the upper hand on the technology and solutions that seem willing to defeat.

The interview questions came as follows:

In the midst of the Outbreak and social distancing calls, could this change the way Infosysta team proceed with their work?

Sure, unprecedented events are rapidly changing the way teams are working together. As the coronavirus spreads, working from home is the new reality for most businesses.

Working from home—whether or not it was a business priority for some companies—is now a necessity for most companies as social distancing is one of the only proven tactics for curbing virus outbreaks.

Do you think WFH could help in maintaining the same level of efficiency?

There has been much debate about working from home and whether or not it’s an efficiency boost or major productivity drain.

Infosysta is a multi-national Software Expert & Software Provider active in EMEA with offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Beirut, Cairo and London. Our teams have put on the challenge of keeping the operation up and running with no impact in the climate of country partial lockdown and office work limitations for an extended period. 



As a country manager, what are the challenges of working from home? 

This is a moment to come together to make the remote journey an easy one for as all of our people while staying efficient and productive. There are many challenges that comes with the WFH: 

1- Maintaining the same level of efficiency

The main challenge is how to maintain the same level of efficiency and keep the spirit of teamwork alive while working from home. Some of the biggest challenges for employers include collaborators struggling with loneliness, knowledge sharing, managing their time, and communication among staff members.

2- Running effective communication

While many of us work from home, teams will be challenged to maintain the same level of communication. lack of communication can destroy the motivation of collaborators and their commitment to achieve. 

How to overcome these challenges?

It is all about equipping your team with the right solutions that they need to stay connected and maintain the same level of efficiency.

For modern tech companies like Infosysta, remote working is something with which we are already familiar; the infrastructure and policy needed for remote working are unquestionably already in place.  But for many other companies, this current situation will be their first experience of remote working. Teams need to work better together and move work forward, regardless of where members of a team are located.

Tell us more about theses solutions? and how it helps in bringing team members together? 

At Infosysta, we equip our teams with top-notch technology of collaboration and task management solutions, which are profoundly part of the solutions that we provide already to our clients. We use since long time the same technology that we implement for our clients and Work-from-Home for us as almost a Business-As-Usual. Let me give you quick ingredients:

Task Management Solution

With Atlassian Jira, our staff can remotely create and follow up on daily tasks. Our staff collaborates on assignments and complete all missions assigned to domestic and regional teams and individuals. Team Leaders and Managers are in full-control of their deliverables and due dates. Collaborators are fully focusing on their to-dos. We are running our Projects, Tasks and sub-tasks in full harmony and high visibility.

 Remote communication & chatting solutions

Our team leads keep all our employees engaged and connected using conferencing and chatting tools. We use Slack & Zoom very actively for the remote communication and collaboration; we can meet, chat, and place business phone calls with a single, secure application from anywhere. We don’t need to switch between applications to collaborate and can instantly go from a chat to a call, share screens, and even invite other teams to join our meetings.

Content Collaboration solutions 

Atlassian Confluence makes it easy to collaborate with team members from anywhere and lets users easily share content, provide rich feedback, and collaboratively edit documents. Our remote meetings and its associated actions always documented and tracked using Confluence, brainstorming and sharing ideas were never easy as with using Confluence. 

This is a big advantage for us, because we are putting all our departments and teams from different backgrounds on the same collaboration platform which means that we are also reducing the cost of our infrastructure by a suite replacing all needed tools for our collaborators to be efficient.

With our remote work strategy on top of Atlassian products, we are not only keeping the business runs with high efficiency but also succeeded to alleviate the pressure and ongoing worries on our staff due to COVID-19 pandemic. 

How much time a company needs to put in place such solutions?

It’s an important question as currently things are getting accelerated. The good news are that companies can implement our solutions within days and I’m talking about enterprise labeled solutions. Infosysta website added a complete chapter on the work from home solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes to help them maintain the same level of efficiency and collaboration from anywhere; we created packages for different profiles of companies and we invested a big part of our efforts in order to help these companies to be operational on these solutions within days.