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Infosysta Among The 10 Most
Promising Agile Consulting
Services Companies of
the Year 2019

Early this year, we’ve heard some epic news from CIO REVIEW magazine. the magazine featured us on its forefront list of “The 10 Most Promising Agile Consulting Services Companies of the Year 2019.”

The word “Growth” is perfect for describing how we’ve spent the past few years. Currently, we are witnessing an unparallel growth due to the continuous demand for Agile Transformation in the EMEA region. As a business-driven company, we have a wide range of success stories throughout the EMEA region.

When institutions tend to define their bottlenecks and challenges, they expect us to cut through complexity and add genuine value. We respond with effective solutions delivered by consulting professionals who are distinguished experts in their fields.

Businesses exist to make money. The more sales they can land, the more money they will generate, so growth is usually high on the company agenda. How firms go about achieving that growth will vary greatly and depend on a range of factors.

When it comes to the growth of your business, digital transformation is an obvious need that should be addressed and implemented within an organization. We help our customers take the best steps to successfully implement a strong and robust digital transformation strategy within their company’s initiatives.

Every day our clients contribute to the company’s success. Each one of them has its unique success story that is no like any other story and serves as a key link in the accomplishment of the Company’s goals and mission.

If you want to be agile, you may need to change your company’s culture

Before embarking on an agile transformation, you need to be culturally ready to embrace a new way of working. Adopting agile practices at the team level may lead to some process improvements and efficiency, but agility is not just for the worker-bees – it’s about organizational change.

Infosysta Role in Implementing Agile Cultures

We work side by side with companies to help them get rid of processes that cause a delay. We look at how workflows in – from idea to delivery – to understand where bottlenecks happen.

We actively involved in organizing yearly summits and in investing a lot of effort into developing an agile culture among the businesses in the region.

As a Platinum Solution Partner for Atlassian (labelled as an enterprise), we provide professional and managed services aiming to transform your work style, which is consequently going to lead your business to the highest levels of success. Our services and solutions aim to solve your processes challenges and help you generate the maximum value out of your Atlassian products.

Infosysta Solutions

Infosysta has been successfully implementing Agile methodologies to boost both the effectiveness and quality of delivered projects through a set of solutions characterized by high quality, efficiency, and predictability.

Task Management Solutions

Manage activity with a 360-degree view on the Kanban board. For instance, Jira can be used as a tool to sketch the whole picture, track incomplete tasks, add new ones, and check what has been done. The board gives you a quick view of what is overdue and who are assigned to tasks so that you can follow up.

IT Service Management Solution

We Redefine what ITSM Project Management means to your business. We bring development, operations, and support teams together to resolve issues fast as an integrated team using a common platform to speed service requests through to changes and releases.

Document Management Solution

We help teams to create, collaborate, and organize all their work in one place. Confluence is an excellent solution to use as a document management system. It has inbuilt abilities to help users in managing all documents; it keeps content organized and accessible in one workspace.

Agile Capacity Management Solutions

The origin of Agile capacity planning is a simple equation; the Number of team members multiplied by the number of days in the sprint multiplied by the number of productive hours in a day. The plan contains scenarios for different predictions of business demand and options with cost estimates to deliver the agreed service level targets.

Find out more about our best-in-class digital transformation solutions 

What makes Infosysta Stand Out From Competitors? 

What makes Infosysta even unique and superior is our expertise and in-depth knowledge with the Atlassian products. We implement Jira Software, Confluence as well as Bitbucket to plan, track, and support the organizational workflow for our clients.

We expanded the suite of Atlassian products by adding purpose-built apps and tools such as Service Desk Portal, Jira for Outlook, and Google to Jira. We have also partnered in developing full-stack enterprise-level mobile apps like Mobile for Jira that support Agile methodologies and workflows.

Contact us now to discover and learn more about Infosysta  products and services