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Infosysta Apps that Enable
a Remote Workforce

Working from home isn’t that easy, and the shift from the office to home isn’t wholly simple, but with enough awareness and the right tools, you can maintain the efficiency level of your team, boost collaboration and stay connected with your team.

In a few words “Remote work can be exhausting if you don’t have the right tools”.

Working from home really wouldn’t be possible without advancements in software and apps that empower remote workforces.

With the growing popularity of mobile devices, user habits have changed a lot. Changes affect how people manage their tasks, collaborate with customers, and share information.

Communication and collaboration is an obvious barrier when you’re working in a different location to your teammates, but this is one area where we have an abundance of apps at our disposal.

At Infosysta we equip our customers with end-to-end collaboration and task management solutions on top of Atlassian Products to connect all teams, automate work processes and maintain the same level of efficiency when teams are not working in the same location.

Our Mobile applications for Atlassian Products play a pivotal role in increasing productivity, tracking workflows, and igniting seamless collaboration.

Mobile for Jira

Jira Software is the ultimate project management tool for agile teams. It provides collaboration on tasks, Scrum & Kanban boards, and Agile reporting capabilities in which users can sketch out the big picture, communicate plans with stakeholders, and ensure your roadmap connects to your team’s work.

Mobile for Jira is the ultimate solution to go mobile with Jira. It is perfect for anyone in need to immediate Jira notifications from any device, and the flexibility to keep their team one click away from any location. It provides full JIRA functionalities on your mobile Android & iOS. The app allows users to collaborate with each other and easily create, assign, prioritize, transition, resolve, and comment on tasks anywhere anytime.

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Mobile for Jira Service Desk Portal

Jira Service Desk is a flexible, collaborative ITSM solution built for rapid service delivery. It allows users to deliver exceptional IT service and shapes your work processes to suit the way you do your work.

Mobile for Jira Service Desk Portal makes working from home easy for teams provide ITSM. It transforms Jira service desk portal into a mobile app, suitable for Android and iOS mobile devices. Users can create & track requests on the go, collaborate with agents anywhere anytime, and get instant updates through push notifications on their mobile devices.

The branded version of the app transforms your service desk portal into a branded portal. Your customers can reach you through an app with your company’s logo and name on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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Google To Jira – GTJ

Working from home creates a need for teams to avoid any lost time. With Google To Jira–GTJ, you can create the perfect Google to Jira integration to work simultaneously between Google Apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Groups, and Jira. This takes your Jira project management game to the next level. Moreover, this Gmail add on comes equipped with various Jira tools that make it is easy to take action and get all the relevant information regarding your requests, issues, and Jira tickets without leaving your inbox.

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Microsoft Outlook for Jira

The perfection comes when Jira integrates with tools teams often use. Frequently switching between Microsoft Outlook and Jira is both time-consuming and annoying. OTJ-Jira for Outlook is an extension of your email inbox, provides integration between JIRA and Microsoft Outlook to facilitate the collaboration between Tasks and Emails. It lets you intuitively access all relevant Jira features right from Microsoft Outlook.

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Voice Recorder for Jira

It happens that you receive a notification or request while your hands are busy doing something else. Voice Recorder for Jira frees your hands, accelerates collaboration, and allows you to add voice notes to Jira comments on the fly.

As you can see, each of these apps fulfills a different role. Each of these apps will give the advantage you need in terms of getting more done, faster. This will enable you to develop healthy working habits.