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Top 6 solutions you need to start
Working from Home

Work from Anywhere, at Any Time, and Stay Safe

With the coronavirus pandemic resulting in more and more of businesses being asked to work remotely, it’s time to get to grips with what’s required for working from home for more than just a day at a time.

We’re your Remote Work Partner – no matter if you are a start-up looking for an affordable solution, a small business owner, or require an enterprise solution that can be rolled out in a few days. In these days of video conferencing, task tracking, texting, and file sharing, it is thankfully possible for many organizations to move their workdays to home. Remote working has been a part of many peoples’ lives for years, so while the adjustment can feel challenging, it isn’t impossible.

Currently, remote work may be more common than it used to be, but it still comes with its challenges. Here are the two most common remote-work pitfalls and how to sidestep them.

1- Risk of low Efficiency

With all the comforts of home beckoning for our attention, it would be understandable if employers saw a dip in efficiency, yet the opposite is exact.

2- Financial risks (low productivity)

When thinking about adopting WFH, business owners fear that it impacts business operations and disrupts productivity and connectivity levels.

How to overcome such challenges?

The key to work-from-home success is to create an environment that allows you to focus on the tasks at hand. This could be achieved easily if you equip yourself and your team with the right solutions that maintain team efficiency and enforce remote collaboration between team members.

Connect all teams with an end-to-end collaboration and task management solutions

At first, working from home might seem as if it a solo experience, but it usually still involves interacting with others, whether it’s meeting with your team, getting assignments, making decisions, or giving and receiving feedback. So it’s crucial to set up methods for collaboration while you work remotely.

1- Task & Agile Project Management Solutions

For objectives to be actionable, we need to break them down into smaller tasks. You will need to have powerful insight into task and project management, such as task history, workflows, custom attributes,  and reporting. Jira Software provides collaboration on tasks, projects with Agile methodologies, and out-of-the-box boards. When a task has multiplied assignees, and even when your project needs collaboration between different teams, Jira will do the job and allow you to manage several streams of work concurrently.

2- Videoconferencing and communication solutions 

Traditional emails might be effective means for passing on information, but If you need to report a fast update or ask a quick question to your team, chat applications like Slack or MatterMost would be the best alternative.

Slack and MatterMost are the best videoconferencing applications for detailed discussion, official meetings, and brainstorming sessions. The two apps provide chatting, team video conferencing, screen sharing, and more for distributed teams.

3- Content & Document remote collaboration

Our primary focus at Infosysta is to empower businesses through their digital transformation journey and allow teams of all sizes to collaborate more efficiently from any location. Effective collaboration requires the sharing of knowledge and updates.

Jira Software and Confluence are two Atlassian products that work better together. Teams can use the strengths of Jira for task management, and the strengths of Confluence to streamline documents and manage knowledge.

4- Desktop and Mobile applications 

All you need is to run your business the way you dreamed of, even while working from home. We offer a suite of applications that allow teams to maintain efficiency, track workflows, and collaborate effortlessly with each other from anywhere and get the max out of Atlassian products. Mobile for JIRA comes at the top of our applications. It is the ultimate solution to mobile with Jira. It provides full JIRA functionalities on your mobile Android & iOS. It is designed to view and interact with Jira issues on the go with a user-friendly interface.

5- Help desk solutions 

Jira Service Desk empowering teams of all sizes around the world. It brings, operations, and support teams together using a common platform to speed service requests through to changes and releases. It provides a Service Center – Customer Portal that allows you to interact with your customers and manage your tasks. Mobile for Jira Service Desk Portal transforms your Jira service desk portal into a mobile app that is suitable for Android and iOS devices.

6- Remote Technical Account Management

You will have an expert inside your team who masters your tools and helps you effectively and quickly implement, install, customize, integrate, migrate, and handle everything related to our solutions. All is done from any location and at an affordable cost.

It’s time to connect all teams with end-to-end collaboration and task management solutions that tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and maintain the same level of efficiency and keep the spirit of teamwork alive while working from home.