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Top four things you can do with
In-App & Desktop
Notifications for Jira

Business excellence in the digital age is about adopting an approach to strengthening the management structures and processes by leveraging the technological advancements to ensure organizational growth and productivity progresses.

At Infosysta, we want to assure that helping business owner and users in running their business the way they dreamed of is our core value. So, If you are searching for a solution to track workflow, increase productivity, or to bring different teams together, anytime, anywhere, then you will find Infosysta beside you with a wide range of solutions that we offer.

In-App & Desktop Notifications for Jira is one of our applications that tend to help users streamline their work, take fast actions, and collaborate on Jira tickets right from the notification section, without the hassle of the emails.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][vc_column_text]Top four things you can do with In-App & Desktop Notifications for Jira

1- Avoid emails hassle

In-app & Desktop Notifications for Jira app allows users to receive notifications when they are on the Jira page directly without the hassle of going through your emails. Now you won’t have to search through all your emails to check for a specific event in Jira, but all you need to do is to check the notification section in Jira and see all events that happened in Jira and are related to you.

2- Real-time Desktop notifications

Don’t miss important issue updates. Desktop notifications are a fundamental building tool for improving business speed and efficiency, but only if the system is correctly architected with volume and velocity in mind. In-app & Desktop Notifications for Jira allows users to receive Jira notifications as Desktop notifications so they won’t miss any action on Jira.

3- Collaborate through adding comments 

Collaborate directly from the notification. Once you receive the notification, you are able to collaborate on these notifications by adding comments to the tickets directly from the notification without opening the ticket itself.

4- Control your notifications

Enable or disable notifications

Each user has the ability to enable or disable notifications. As an end-user, you will be able to control whether you receive Desktop notifications or not. As an admin, you will be able to control who will receive notifications and on which project.

  • Add watchers 

Go to the “Add Watchers” popup, this opens a dropdown. There you simply start typing the name of the watcher you’d like to add to this Jira issue.

  • Watch or unwatch

Watching means you receive notifications when things happen on an issue. For example, when someone comments on, edits, or transitions the issue, you’ll be notified. To watch or unwatch an issue, click the watch icon at the top right.


Stay updated without the hassle of emails and start your free trial experience in In-App & Desktop Notifications for Jira