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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
& Importance of Using
a Secure Mobile Application

Mobile App Development is acquiring a lot of significance in recent years. To satisfy the customers’ requirements, various applications have been designed for mobile platforms. Organizations are feeling the need more than ever to develop both new applications and updates to existing applications. This isn’t simply because it’s the only way they can interact with their customers, but it’s because that there will be a rise of new users who relied on physical business measures to run their operations earlier.

The significance of creating strong passwords, in other words, is more significant than any other time. Nonetheless, simply depending on strong passwords isn’t enough.  So how might you ensure your customers’ security while they access your application? Two-factor authentication might be the appropriate answer.

Considering the rise in 2FA technology, Infosysta, has integrated two-factor authentication in two of their solutions. One is Mobile for Jira – the enterprise Jira mobile solution that supports 3rd party apps integration, suitable for Android & IOS devices, and another one is JSMobile – a Jira service management portal that facilitates your help center accessibility.

However, what precisely is two-factor authentication, and how this integration has helped Infosysta for better security? We will examine that in this blog and how organizations need to use mobile application security to provide a safe user experience to their customers.

Mobile Application Security & Why It Is So Important For Users

Having a mobile phone has become a huge part of our regular day-to-day life. Many of us really underestimate the value a mobile phone holds with respect to the data it stores. Mobile application security is all about the measures one takes to protect their application from malware, phishing, and other security threats.

Mobile application security is an action businesses take to protect their customers’ sensitive information from a wide scope of threats that seek to breach the security of their phone and try to take the data stored on the applications on their mobile. These attacks are to take their sensitive data, for example, their bank information, their login information, and other sorts of sensitive information. Not only does mobile security influence the users’ data but it can also influence the efficiency or success of your business.

Infosysta X Alpha Serve: 2FA Integration

As a leading service management vendor, we, at Infosysta, put extraordinary emphasis on the security of our mobile application solutions i.e. Mobile for Jira and JSMobile to ensure the security of our customers. To keep the privacy and security of our users as a first priority, what better way to integrate the functionality of two-factor authentication in our mobile applications?

To accomplish high-end security in our services, we have integrated a two-factor authentication application (2FA for Jira: U2F and TOTP) which is owned by Alpha Serve with our two mobile applications to be the only mobile applications that provide the best security to their users.

Through this integration, we have ensured another layer of security in which a user is allowed to access only after successfully presenting two pieces of validation to an authentication system. Basically, this is like having two passwords. The main password would be the one you created by yourself and the second password would be an authenticated password that continually changes randomly i.e. One Time Password (OTP) through another application used to generate and authenticate the second password. This exceptionally reduces the odds of fraud, data loss, or identity theft and a hacker’s ability to access your sensitive information.


Two-factor authentication is very significant nowadays. You must incorporate this integration when you’re trying to figure out how to secure the data of your customers. You likewise need to ensure the security of your business data also.

Infosysta is convinced that 2FA is very vital for today’s emerging mobile application technology and must be leveraged one way or another.  On top of that, business leaders should acknowledge the security advantage this extra factor gives and how powerful it is in ensuring against cyber-attacks. That is the reason we need to urge users and organizations to begin using it. It adds an extra layer to the security of your application and strengthens its capabilities furthermore.

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