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Why Infosysta Managed Services?
Do what you do best and let
Infosysta take care of the rest

Businesses use technology as a way to complete their workflows and maximize their efficiency. They now are relying on digital systems and IT more than ever, and the funds needed to maintain an in-house team keep rising. For many small businesses, this often means sacrificing the quantity or quality of network maintenance efforts to conserve limited resources.

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, We offer a new paradigm in filling the gaps that ban you from reaching your business goals. Our experts customize Atlassian products to transform our clients’ workflow according to their needs. The added functionalities on each application boost the whole experience you have before with the original software.

Managed  Services for your Atlassian Products

Entrusting tasks related to Atlassian Products to managed services of Infosyata will make it easy for you to get the max out of your investment in Atlassian investment. Our managed services will transform your work style which is consequently going to lead your business to the next level.

Managed Services by Infosysta is all about making you focus on your business while our certified experts take care of your digital environments.

Drive adoption

Ensuring your Atlassian tools quickly updated after launch to meet unanticipated requirements.

Having an expert available anytime to answer your questions will provide you with expert troubleshooting anytime, anywhere.

Reduce Risks

You will have an expert available to help. Moreover, you will guarantee a regular health check with the collaboration of the IT team from Client-side. We will provide environmental monitoring and disaster recovery to maximize performance and avoid any downtime.

Maximize productivity

Drive maximum value by optimizing your system without you wasting time on it. You will scale up down your amount of administration. You will have tools that are configured to match your workflow rather than forcing you to change the way you work.

Speak your Language 

Our Atlassian certified consultants have the know-how and expertise to deliver a full range of IT and business support and managed services for your business in different languages.

24/7 Support

Infosysta Managed services use remote monitoring technology that keeps an eye on your systems day and night. Real-time alerts so that any problems that may occur can be solved before they have a noticeable impact on your business.


The price associated with maintaining an in-house IT team is a big one, and that’s why you often see teams that are understaffed, overworked and unable to get everything done due to a lack of time and resources. That doesn’t work on a daily basis, and it definitely doesn’t fly when your company is trying to expand.

Infosysta Managed Services Key deliverables include:

  • Atlassian Products Licence Upgrades
  • Installation of software upgrades and Add-ons (Atlassian ecosystem)
  • Hosting Services (Cloud/ Server/ Data Center/ SaaS)
  • Monitor services
  • Conduct security health check
  • Manage Confluence spaces and Jira projects
  • Install, Configure, and Customize the necessary applications
  • 24×7 Support