Quickly Turn Twitter Queries into Tickets with Twitter Connector for Jira

Customers are the core focus of any business. As a result, businesses double down on their customer support strategy to find the ultimate solution to deliver exceptional support. A solution such as Twitter Connector for Jira, with which they can boost customer loyalty and expand profitability.

Using Jira Service Management, your team can collect customer requests through a simple customer portal, or help desk, or through email. Social media integrations with JSM can help support your team in many ways. They will make it easier for the service management support team to work more efficiently, allowing your team to provide better customer service to the end-users.

What is Twitter Connector for Jira?

Twitter Connector for Jira is an app that allows you to integrate your Twitter support channel with Jira Service Management to maximize productivity and reduce the number of open pages. This gives you a chance to better handle your entire customer support flow.

What are the top three things you can do with Twitter Connector for Jira?

1. Convert public mentions into tickets

Support your customers through Twitter as easily as email. Automatically capture public mentions and direct messages as tickets.

twitter connector for jira

2. Provide interactive response

It supports entirely new methods of customer interaction, where agents can respond to users’ requests with a tweet, through a public comment. Once an agent replies to a Twitter message, it will appear as a message reply to the user.

interactive response

connect twitter response to jira

3. Receive customer replies as Jira comments

Once the customer replies on the same thread as a preexisting tweet, the reply will be automatically added as a comment in Jira. Moreover, users can link one or more Twitter accounts with the related Jira Service Management project to ensure the best-in-class support for all clients right from your service management system.

Jira support comments

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