Convert Twitter queries into tickets by using Twitter Connector for Jira

Convert all relevant mentions and direct messages into tickets and respond to them, without leaving the comfort of your helpdesk. Twitter integration allows you to manage and respond to customer interactions and mentions flexibly and conveniently.

Customers are the core focus of any business. As a result, businesses work to double down on their customer support strategy to find the ultimate solution to deliver exceptional support so they can boost customer loyalty, and expand profitability.

Multi-channel service desk – Social Media Trends

The best way to make support more convenient for your customers is to offer support on several different channels. A multi-channel service desk can be a great solution for you to have. It will allow agents to support all of your different channels at once and keep work organized and more productive.

Customer Service is all about looking forward. Social media platforms became a trend in providing customer support for customers to reach out to your agents and seek help when they have issues.

Twitter is still one of the leading social networks worldwide and a popular support channel. In the first quarter of 2019, Twitter has 330 million monthly active users.
many companies are now utilizing social media to resolve customer issues. Support providers tend to select customer service software that supports social media control. These will allow you to handle social media mentions alongside customer support calls and emails.

People often talk about the products they use on Twitter, so it’s a natural place to provide customer service. In fact, 85% of SMB Twitter users said that it’s important that businesses provide customer support on Twitter by using Twitter’s customer service features to quickly and easily respond to people. That will help you develop a good reputation and strong relationships with customers.

Integrate Jira Service Desk with Twitter

Jira Service Desk is listed among the top 10 customer service solutions, JSD is a cloud-based information technology service management (ITSM) platform that provides best-in-class service delivery on IT infrastructure and services. JSD helps IT teams to monitor and resolve requests and issues sent from various channels, including tickets, from internal (employee) or external sources.

Using Jira Service Desk, your team can collect customer requests through a simple customer portal, or helpdesk, and through email.  Social media integrations with JSD can help to support your team in all sorts of different ways. They will make it easier for the service desk support team to work more efficiently, allow your teams to provide better customer service to the end-users.

Twitter Connector for Jira – Be where your customers need you

We designed Twitter Connector for Jira to give you a chance to interact with your entire ecosystem. The app will allow you to integrate your existing tools -Twitter – to maximize productivity and reduce the number of pages opened.

No doubt that most of your clients are connected on Twitter. Couple customer service and social media by using Twitter Connector for Jira, It makes it easy for you to get closer to your clients. The application offers real-time access to Twitter’s stream, allowing agents to receive, process, and collaborate on tweets, as requests, in a reactive manner.

Top three things you can do with Twitter Connector for Jira

Convert public mentions into tickets

Support your customers through Twitter as easily as email. Automatically capture public mentions and direct messages as tickets

Provide interactive Response

It supports entirely new methods of customer interaction, where agents can respond to users’ requests with a tweet, Just by adding a public comment. If the agent replies to the Twitter message it will also appear as a message reply to the user.

Integrates with Jira

Once the customer replied on the same thread of a tweet, which is already created, the reply will be added automatically as a comment in Jira

Moreover, users can link one or more Twitter accounts with the related Jira Service Desk project to ensure the best-in-class support for all clients right from your Service Desk.

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