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Financial Benefits of Moving
to the Cloud with Infosysta!

Working with Infosysta can benefit your organization’s bottom line in several ways. In addition to ensuring that the migration to Atlassian Cloud is seamless, our detailed knowledge of Atlassian Cloud can help increase your operational efficiency and decrease costs.

You can gain several financial benefits from working with us during your Atlassian Cloud migration.

Minimizing overhead

Solutions like Atlassian Cloud are appealing because they’re designed with efficiency in mind. With a self-managed legacy system, your IT teams manage your on-premise servers, performance upgrades, incident management, scheduled upgrades, and more. 

Moving to Atlassian Cloud relieves your IT teams of these responsibilities, reducing IT costs. Unlike legacy tooling, which requires you to maintain your on-premise infrastructure and self-managed services, Atlassian handles the security and infrastructure of Atlassian Cloud. With these built-in benefits, Atlassian Cloud inherently reduces maintenance and IT overheads. Together, these time savings result in an average of 20 percent savings in IT costs.

Additionally, ITSM tools — including Jira Service Management, Opsgenie, and Jira Software — support smooth workflows and help you reduce administrative overhead. For example, Jira Service Management’s capabilities include support for request management, incident management, problem management, change management, asset management, configuration management, and knowledge management. With these features, Jira Service Management makes it easy to establish workflows in the cloud.

Although these cost-saving features are built into Jira Service Management, to receive these financial benefits, you still need to create workflows that use the tool and establish who your administrators are. You can still experience bottlenecks and overhead — and, therefore, higher costs — if your administrative and ITSM processes aren’t efficient or implemented effectively. 

Working with us can help you avoid these challenges and expenses. We offer implementation services, managed services, and support, helping you establish workflows and ITSM processes that reduce administrative labor. Additionally, we offer license management services to reduce the time spent on — and money invested in — maintaining and reviewing licensing records.     

Reducing Inefficiencies

To optimize your Atlassian Cloud migration and minimize inefficiencies, it is crucial to design workflows that align with the right tools. However, navigating the selection of appropriate tools can be challenging. Working with us can alleviate these challenges. Our team of experts can guide you through determining the right workflows and creating workflows that maximize the efficiency that Atlassian tools provide. Additionally, we can help you boost productivity by locating and eliminating bottlenecks in your workflows. 

For example, before and after migration, we can search for silos within your organization and examine their impact on overall productivity. If teams are siloed, you could see a loss of information due to a lack of collective file sharing or even missteps in project management or incident resolution due to teams not communicating and collaborating. We can help you identify silos, determine its root cause, and reduce the inefficiencies it creates by:

  • ·         Integrating Jira Software with Slack to streamline communication, keep teams in sync, and encourage focus.
  • ·         Integrating Jira Software and Opsgenie to simplify alert management, monitor tickets created in Jira Software, and make the records of ticket escalation and resolution more available.
  • ·         Integrating Jira Software with Git to trigger DevOps processes based on commits, pull requests, and branches so that your teams’ workflows are automated and streamlined.  
  • ·         Integrating Jira Software with Jira Service Management so that IT teams can easily and quickly work together to resolve requests.


The best part is that we can help set up these integrations. You don’t have to do it alone. As a result, your journey to efficiency is also efficient.

Controlling Costs

One of the most appealing qualities of using cloud software is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional data centers, which can require hardware and expensive manual upgrades to scale, Atlassian Cloud’s ability to scale up and down as needed makes it easier to control costs — especially as you grow.

Suppose a project succeeds and grows beyond its initial scope. Thanks to Atlassian Cloud’s ability to scale vertically and horizontally without delay, you can access resources whenever you need them without having to invest in additional infrastructure — something traditional computing forms can’t compete with.

Atlassian Cloud’s scalability also helps reduce cost-based risks. You don’t have to make significant, uncertain upfront investments because you can quickly add or remove computing and storage instantaneously. This is especially useful when the product or service is still developing, as a high financial investment can be dangerous should the new product fail.

In addition to reducing up-front infrastructure costs, moving to the cloud makes budgeting easier. With Atlassian Cloud, you pay only for what you use, and Atlassian Cloud’s three-tier pricing model enables you to access services to a degree that suits your business needs.

But with this flexibility comes some challenges:

  • ·         Which pricing tier meets your needs? 
  • ·         Will this model suit your needs and user requirements long-term? 
  • ·         If you need to scale suddenly, are you prepared to do so? And can you do it effectively?

Answering these questions requires a thorough understanding of your present and future needs. It requires future-proofing and a critical financial eye. As an Atlassian Solution Partner, we’ve helped numerous organizations plan for future success without compromising costs. 

When you work with us, you don’t risk going into an unexpectedly complex migration alone. We can help you account for and minimize costs associated with migration and scaling — all while ensuring you have the resources you need to thrive. Using our expertise and Atlassian Cloud’s flexibility, we’ll help you control costs and mitigate financial risks.


With so many financial, productivity, and growth-based opportunities, migrating to Atlassian Cloud will enable your business to reach its full potential. 

Give us a call today — we’ll work with you to develop a tailored solution to meet your unique needs.