Top Five things you can do with Google To Jira–GTJ

Google To Jira–GTJ Integrates Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Groups) with Jira to manage Jira issues directly from Google Apps. Moreover, It offers numerous features for Jira users that make it is easy to take action and get all relevant information regarding your requests, issues, and Tickets without leaving G mail inbox.

Since checking several tabs can be a hassle, now you don’t have to access JIRA in order to create or add a comment or a ticket.  Just add Google To Jira–GTJ and Integrates Google Apps with Jira and manage Jira issues directly from Gmail.


Let’s show you five things you can do with Google To Jira–GTJ

1- Take action inside Gmail

Google To Jira–GTJ will allow you to create, Edit and Comment on Jira tickets using Gmail. Best of all, you can take actions on the updates you receive via email, meaning more efficiency in day to day workflow and less switching between apps to get stuff done

2- Informative Email Subject Lines

With Google To Jira–GTJ, the subject line implies a special relationship with the reader; a relationship that will get more of your messages read. From within Gmail, you can contextually surface information and detect issues from e-mail subject according to messages you’ve received. The E-mail subject will be the summary & body as the description or comment.

3- Upload files from Google Drive through Google To Jira–GTJ

Google Drive is considered as one of the most powerful choices you will have for business productivity around the globe. It’s easy to use and highly effective in most situations. Consequently, that makes it one of the best choices you will have for all your professional needs.  With GTJ, you can select one or more attachment from Google Drive files & simply upload them to Jira in one click.

4- Log work via Google Calendar

Integrating Google Calendar with GTJ allows you to see all your scheduled appointments, in addition, to quickly log meeting time by just clicking on them. Furthermore, by adding the Jira issue, all meetings & events will automatically turn into tickets in Jira. So, you can add any relevant documents or share files in comments. Google To Jira–GTJ will auto-detect events duration and date to Log as work on your Jira tickets.

5-  Google To Jira–GTJ Supports Jira actions on the fly

If you’re using Google To Jira–GTJ. You might well want to have a convenient shortcut to it on your browser. You can add Google To Jira – GTJ icon on the top right corner of Chrome and Create/Edit/Comment on Jira tickets is a nice bit of comfort.

Start now with Google To Jira–GTJ

It’s easy to get started – simply head over to Google To Jira – GTJ marketplace and install the add-on.