Why Customized Service Management is Important

Infosysta and Refined have joined hands in order to produce a tailored service management experience to a variety of business sectors

When it comes to effectively running a business, the most common school of thought veers towards the use of traditional service management systems or portals. However, wouldn’t it be more efficient to use customized service management to personalize your processes according to individualized requirements and preferences?

In fact, service management can be taken to an entirely different level with the help of customization tools to ensure outstanding results. 

What is service management?

Service management can be characterized as a work strategy that helps businesses manage their technologies and work processes to deliver incredible service at the most reasonable rate. It is an appropriate allocation of resources that brings about the best business results.

How does Infosysta help with service management customization?

Infosysta is a software development and consultancy firm intent on helping solve internal organization problems with both individuals and businesses.

With that in mind, the company has joined forces with Refined to produce a tailored service management experience for a variety of business sectors.

This integration between JSMobile and Refined enables businesses to customize the layout and themes to experience a branded, personalized, and appealing interface for the Jira mobile application.

Why is customization in service management important?

Today’s consumers expect to be able to customize everything, without exception. All to accommodate their individual preferences. As such, if you need your business to make an impact in a global marketplace, you need to tune into what different organizations are doing. Then you can figure out how to offer something specifically designed for your consumers.

Customized service management

That’s why a touch of customization is always an added value. Choosing the layout of your portal all by yourself, customizing that dark theme to the color tones of your choice, and anything along those lines is vital to helping you stand out from the rest.

Customization is not restricted to the appearance or layout; it’s also about accessibility. It’s about choosing to show the right content to the right target audience. It’s about providing ease of navigation through a bundle of confusing options.

JSMobile x Refined: what is the added value for consumers?

Our deep-rooted values here at Infosysta revolve around assisting our clients with improved service management experiences. To take our service management process to the next level, we integrated our mobile application, JSMobile, with Refined for Jira.

JSMobile has always been a remarkable mobile application that allows businesses to manage their processes with a smooth and user-friendly interface. Refined for Jira, on the other hand, ensures you get Jira’s core functionality, with the added value of customizing your interface to navigate through your requests and collaborate with the agents all the more smoothly. This integration not only makes your service management process easier and more interactive, but it also assists you with customizing your content according to your preferences and requirements to convey a premium user-experience.


This integration between the two platforms can be significant in helping utilize design components, even with no programming knowledge. It offers extraordinary added value. The content will be presented in a seamless, efficient, and organized manner. Not to mention, users will easily find their way around the different sections, projects, and sub-pages within the customer portal. Along with the added value, this integration also offers you the flexibility of accessing these top-notch features easily through your mobile phone. A few taps here and there, and you’re good to go!