19 Mar 2016
Lean & Agile ME Summit 2016 - Dubai

We are glad to announce that Infosysta will be sponsoring the most important Agile event in 2016 "Lean Agile Summit Dubai", on March 19th 2016 at Hilton Hotel- Dubai.
Infosysta's CEO, Feras EL HAJJAR, will cast a presentation under the name of "Agile in Corporate Environment with JIRA" showing Managers and team mates how to keep their teams agile on top of the business processes to plan, track and report any business to-do with JIRA. The aim is to enhance visibility and collaboration in both IT & Business Teams.

Please let us know if you are interested in this event so we can offer you a 25% discount on the registration by using the Code: INFOSYSTA2016

Have an inspiring day.