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Increase productivity, track workflows, and collaborate effortlessly with your teams by using Infosysta's Apps for Atlassian Products

We provide our clients with a fully comprehensive Atlassian experience

We want to assure you that helping you in running your business the way you dreamed of, is our central purpose. So, whether you search for increasing productivity, or tracking workflows, or even connecting easily and efficiently with your team, you will find it besides a wide range of applications.

All you have to do is to choose the best suitable solution for your business or leave this mission for our experts.

Mobile for Jira

The ultimate solution to go mobile with Jira, suitable for mobility on Android or iOS mobile devices

Mobile for Jira Service Desk Portal

Transform your Jira service desk portal into a mobile app!

Branded Mobile for Jira

A professionally designed app to go mobile with Jira with your brand

Mobile for JSD Portal Branded

Transform your JSD Portal into a mobile app, and allow your customers to reach you through an app with your company logo, name

OTJ - Jira for Outlook

Manage your Jira issues directly from your Outlook

Google To Jira - GTJ

Manage Jira issues directly from Google Apps through GTJ!

In-App & Desktop Notifications for Jira

Get Jira In-App & Desktop notifications without any hassle in your mailbox!

AMJ - Attachments Manager for Jira

Manage Jira attachments; in one step, extract, import, backup, and much more!

Twitter Connector for Jira

The ultimate solution that integrates Jira Service Desk with Twitter to create requests from a Twitter stream and messages

Arabic for Jira

A new version of Jira supports the Arabic Language.

Arabic For Confluence

Get now your Arabic version of Confluence and let nothing stop you!

Voice Recorder for Jira

Record messages to your team; increase productivity by decreasing the wasted time!

Voice Recorder for Confluence

Collaborate with your team members in a different productive way!

Legal Workflows Bundle

Track better with pre-configured workflows for Legal teams!

Legal for Jira

Manage your customer’s information inside Jira itself!