Legal Practice Management Software

Empower your enterprise with the most innovative legal practice management Software for your in-house Legal Department that help you streamline your legal workload, manage matters and contracts, organize corporate legal data, automate tasks, reminders and deadlines.

Legal Management Solution at your fingertips

Put powerful legal organizational solution at your fingertips to manage vital Matters, Cases, Contracts, Tasks, Workflows and much more. The best-in-class legal practice management software labelled enterprise that helps In-house Legal Teams to streamline their legal matters, never miss a deadline and enable them to easily and efficiently collaborate with the entire staff.

Legal practitioners tend to use Legal Practice Management Solutions (LPMS) to manage the entire work inside an in-house legal department to generate reports & KPIs on-the-fly.


App4Legal is the leading & modern legal practice management software that provides end-to-end functionalities for in-house legal departments & law-firms willing to implement an enterprise end-to-end solution covering all the tools needed in the daily work of a legal practitioner: Matters, Litigation Cases & Hearings, Contracts / Agreements, Tasks, Time Tracking, Intellectual Property, Corporate Data, Legal Documents, Legal Emails, Reminders, Notifications, Workflow automation, Reports and much more.

Infosysta is a Platinum Partner of App4Legal, helping large organizations (Public & Private) to implement App4Legal for their Legal Teams.