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Plan your data and user migration from existing systems to the Atlassian Cloud with us. We support you with your cloud migration through clearly defined processes, careful planning, extensive tests and reliable support.

Atlassian Cloud advantages at a glance


Scale faster and more affordably

If you want to grow without some major tech hiccups along the way, cloud technology makes scaling faster, smarter, and more affordable than on-prem servers. It delivers a flexible, responsive technology stack at your fingertips, no lengthy or expensive manual upgrades required, you can scale rapidly and securely.

Increase profits and lower costs

System downtime can cost three times as much as a year-long cloud subscription in a matter of minutes or hours. IT time and resources can be cut in half by a move off-prem. When looking at long-term value, on-prem starts to look less like the conservative choice and more like a consistent drain on your profits.

Improve speed and performance

Six core reasons cloud makes your business faster: Better network performance, uptime guarantees, automatic performance upgrades, faster product development and deployment, automatic scaling and load-balancing, and standardization.

Increase team productivity

According to research by Office 365, nearly 80% of IT professionals say moving to the cloud improved their productivity. Hire top talent, improve engagement, minimize meetings, promote or even redesign your office space to boost productive hours.

Future-proof against competitive forces

Ten years ago moving to the cloud was about staying ahead of the curve. Now, it’s about keeping up, and providing customers and employees with the always-on services they expect. 74% of organizations say cloud gives them a competitive advantage.

If you’re not on the Cloud yet…it’s time

The key drivers of Cloud migrations are that Cloud services are more secure, sustainable, agile, flexible, efficient and cost-effective than ever before. If you want to stay ahead or at least abreast of your competition now is the time to move to Cloud.

Here's how we can help

Our procedure for a successful migration to Cloud


We evaluate your use cases for feasibility in the cloud and thus determine the critical points in the cloud migration. Together we also find use cases that are no longer in use and define the scope of the migration.


We define which steps are important for implementation. To do this, we create a roadmap for the move to the cloud and determine the timetable for the migration phases.


With your migration plan and timelines in place, you're ready to prep your instance and teams for the big move. You'll also want to clean up your data and build a communication plan for keeping users and key stakeholders up-to-date with migration milestones.


Doing a test run of your Atlassian migration is a critical step to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. This is also an opportunity to uncover any issues and determine how long the migration will take.


Here we go! We migrate your data to the Atlassian Cloud. We fix possible problems during the migration and assist the users with comprehensive support.


You've made it to your final destination!
Now that you have successfully migrated to cloud, it's time to get your users onboarded and resolve any post-migration issues or inquiries.

Confidently plan your migration to

Atlassian Cloud with us.

Confidently plan and carry out your migration of Atlassian applications to the cloud. Our team of experts have years of experience dealing with IT consulting, migration consultation, and mitigating challenges that may come with implementing cloud.