Mobile for Jira, Bring the Flexibility of Jira in your Pocket

Mobile for Jira was designed for viewing and interacting with your tickets on the go with a user-friendly interface. Users can dive into the details by adding comments, attachments, due dates, and get a push notification of important updates directly faster than ever.

Maybe you have teams in different locations or working in different time zones. Perhaps you are struggling with complex processes, or there is too much “red tape.” Are you waiting on decisions instead of working? Are you always attached to your Pc or laptop, even if you are outside the work office?

Agile methodology assists busy people with gaining control and perspective overall activities they would like to accomplish. But things are continually changing around us. The work cycle doesn’t sleep. And with issues continually emerging, one of the best ways to keep up is with your smartphone. Here’s how to track the latest happenings on your Jira interface.

Jira Is In Your Pocket

The application works side by side with Jira core, Jira software, and Jira service desk. Moreover, it designed to view and interact with your issues on the go with a user-friendly interface. Mobile for Jira is perfect for anyone needing immediate Jira notifications from any device, and the flexibility to keep their team one click away from any location.

In a nutshell, our app gives users the agility they need to use Jira on the go; they can create, edit, add multiple attachments and transition issues more accessible than ever before.

Often, the quality of the outcomes you deliver depends upon the tools you use. With faster speeds, robust devices, and more work being completed in the cloud, working from a smartphone is now a must for many businesses. Mobile for Jira helps managers and business owners streamline activities and manage their pipelines on the go.

What Makes Mobile for Jira the first choice of Agile Teams?

Competition is fierce, and team collaboration apps are on the rise. Technology offers an abundance of options. More online collaboration tools spring up every year while existing ones are continually improving their features and functionality.

Recently, Mobile for Jira ranked among the best Jira apps and got the staff pick badge on Atlassian marketplace, that’s because it has met Atlassian benchmarks for app traction, timely support, and vendor reliability.

The app delivers a wide range of features that makes it sit away from the crowd :

– Push Notification

From a user Point of View, our mobile phones have, in a way, become the control center for steering through both our online & offline world. Push notifications are a significant communication channel between us and our apps. Bush notification can help you send real-time updates and reminders that get your team to engage with their related tasks regularly.

– Narrow Search

With Instant Search, you will not miss a word, so users can narrow the scope of queries by applying filters for different things such as keyword, summary, assign, report, status, and custom fields.

– Time Tracking

With the right technology, businesses can also track additional data, such as efficiency and employee productivity. Time tracking can allow companies and employees to be productive at unprecedented levels. Users can record the time spent working on an issue or a merge request so they can add an estimate of the amount of time needed to complete a task or merge a request.

– Unified Inbox

Mobile for Jira lets you check your email, reply to a tweet, or answer a live chat message — all in one platform. Instead of switching between tools and tabs to manage your messages, you can manage and respond to everything in one place.

– Multi-Profile for Jira Instances

Mobile for Jira creates user profiles on Jira just like a desktop computer, each with its own settings, where data and interface are based on your current system partition.

So earlier you take the right decision more time you have to focus on getting the work done.

It’s go time,

Try Mobile for Jira right now and jump into action anytime, anywhere.